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Lucky Ellen

Designer fashion label that offers romantic vintage in a cool costume for girls from five years and up.

We focus on specially chosen details and fine fabrics, combined with a personal touch to each garment.

We are both creative entrepreneurial souls with a beating heart for specially selected fashion and design brands. We are fascinated by how strong brands manage to captivate their target groups, as well as ourselves.

We live in Stockholm and met through our children's day care. Very soon we realized that we had the same thoughts and ideas. After a while, our conversation was all about starting our own business together.

A combination of our love for fashion and design, our experience from communication, and our mutual realization about not finding any really exciting clothes for our own girls made us decide to create it ourselves. In early 2009, we started to forge our plans...

We had meetings, and almost immediately, good ideas were tossed back and forth! Sketches of clothing and a logotype were drawn, samples of lace, ribbon and fabric of all kinds were mixed to see what combinations could work. Creativity filled the air! And it's exactly here that the story of "Lucky Ellen in Sweden" begins.

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