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Miss Sixty

Vintage look female fashion wear.

Born in 1991 as Energie’s womenswear line, Miss Sixty has conquered its own space over the years and become one of the most appreciated and well-known brands of the group. Miss Sixty’s target customers are represented by demanding young women who are continuously in search of innovation, originality and variety. Customers who love playing with garments and define their look and style from time to time.

First and foremost appreciated for the wide range of jeans and for its original and unique proposals, Miss Sixty has today become increasingly feminine, sexy and glamorous, yet without losing its typical ironical touch.

Since the Spring/Summer Season 2001 Miss Sixty has directly realized also its own footwear line from design to production, which is extremely rich in proposals, ranging from elegant to sporty models in different versions thanks to the many materials, makings and styles. Since 2001 Miss Sixty has also an eyewear line, produced and distribute by Marcolin.

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