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Stockholm based fashion brand established in 2012 by four creatives sprung from the digital generation.

We're Internet kids that grew up during the 90's and have been spoiled with having inspiration just a click away. We live fast, multitask and dream big.

Our belief is that clothes should make us feel awesome about ourself. With that feeling we can make anything possible and start chasing our dream.

With our passion for both fashion and the Internet we took a step to fullfil our dream. We created our own purely digital fashion brand. IvyRevel is our tribute to the digital generation.

Our sole purpose is designing fashion that makes you feel and look awesome.
Inspired by the girls of the digital generation, IvyRevel’s design is equal parts downtown and uptown - always fresh, modern and bold. We like to strut our stuff and so should you!

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Nelly.com SE - ALINA SHORTS 398.00 Nelly.com SE - ACACIA SHORTS 419.00 (598.00)

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