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Permanent Vacation

A group of creative people based on the west coast of Sweden. We foremost do what others refers to as fashion.

But we also do lots of other stuff; photograph, play records, specialdesign work clothes, colabs, writing, styling for music videos and so on.

Starting 2009 we also have a separate scenography department.

About the clothing line. Tired of all impractical pretensions in fashion today, Permanent Vacation are inspired by the classic gentleman's way of dressing; dapper, shapely, comfortable and useful, garments aimed to love, wear out and repair.

We do regular collections two times a year, presented in season in the beginning. But we also do other stuff, like caps. Maybe we'll do music soon, with lots of drums. And we are always up for adventures when new friends calls and asks us to do something special.

The collections so far has their origins in the moods we’re in when we create, or the mood we would like to be in. Like the airy fresh shirt-collection for spring 2007, the tucked up Nordic wool things for fall 2007, the Seinfeld collection for S/S 2008, all collections closely matched for that particular day in our lives – for whatever may occur. For fall 2008 we designed some preppy American leisure wear we felt would be nice to wear for an adventurous country side weekend with a beautiful Marlboro classic man, or a day at the Harvard University libraries. The collection is documented by Studio Seek.

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