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Carin Rodebjer started to produce her own clothes in 1998, while still studying at Fashion Institute of Technology in N.Y.

All the pieces were designed and handmade on her living room floor in a Lower East Side apartment. After being spotted on the street wearing her own designs, she started selling at some high profile stores in New York. Upon returning to her native country Sweden, Carin Rodebjer started up a fashion design company under her own name, Rodebjer.

During the last five years Rodebjer has gained a reputation for strong silhouettes, skillful pattern making and a fresh new approach to fashion. Almost instantly she struck a note with both the fashion conscious crowd and the more casual-oriented customers, a feat she has been able to pull off ever since, combining wearability and classical elegance with a distinctly modern and youthful sensibility.

Even though each collection has an individual feeling to it, there are some reoccurring themes, drawing inspiration from such diverse places as Swedish national costumes, Paris bohemians in the twenties and Finnish trash-rockers Hanoi Rocks. There is also an inherent duality to the clothes of Rodebjer, even when the clothes are at its most romantic there is an underlying tone of decadence and darkness. Still, through the eclecticism of the different collections a strong look has been established. You instantly recognize a Rodebjer.

Right from the start Rodebjer received a lot of attention in the press, and today the clothes are regularly featured in the trade press and the best fashion magazines all over the world.

Future ambitions of Rodebjer are to continue to produce clothes for people who are interested in design and fashion rather than trends and to encourage people to adapt the clothes to their individual lifestyles.

”I have always admired the classic designers who radiated elegance and dignity and I try to treat both my clothes and my customers in that same way,” Carin Rodebjer explains her vision.

Today Rodebjer is available in Sweden, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Finland, USA, Canada, Japan and Korea.

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