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Sand jeans, Sand men & women and Accessories.

SAND is a family-owned international fashion house based in Copenhagen, Denmark. SAND’s fashions for men and women offer clear aesthetic expression, craftsmanship, and a creative, provocative balance between professional continuity and innovation.

SAND is a lifestyle concept. The consumers seek out and recognize elegance and quality. They want fashions that are balanced between fabrics and fittings, style and comfort, and design quality and price.

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Bonprix SE - Sandal 299.00 Bonprix SE - Sandaler 99.00 Bonprix SE - Sandal 129.00 Bonprix SE - Sandal 199.00 Bonprix SE - Sandalett 299.00 Bonprix SE - Sandal med kilklack 179.00 Bonprix SE - Sandalett 129.00 Bonprix SE - Sandal 149.00 Nelly.com SE - OBJSANDY S/S LONG DRESS .I 84 199.00 Nelly.com SE - Sandyb-Patch Trousers 1495.00 Nelly.com SE - Must Sandy Top 159.00 Footway SE - Allison Sandal 1959.30 Footway SE - Rose Sandal-Jr Purple Heart/Gargoyle 597.00 Footway SE - ZX Sandal W 399.20 Footway SE - Sandal 559.20

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