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ATELIER-MAYER.COM is a website dedicated solely to the global phenomenon of 20th- century vintage.

Inspired by the late Klaudia Mayer, an Austrian haute couture tailor whose atelier was originally founded in 1927, the company has updated Madame Mayer's heritage to the 21st century in the form of a luxury online boutique for vintage fashion lovers, collectors, students, designers and artists.

ATELIER-MAYER.COM is a platform for inspiration, exchange, ideas, and honour of creation, as well as a bespoke emporium based on the highest standard of luxury shopping, with items sourced solely for their excellent quality and unique style.

The team behind ATELIER-MAYER.COM is Carmen Haid, luxury fashion PR and the fashion journalist Alice Kodell. With their international backgrounds and combined expertise of two decades in luxury fashion they founded ATELIER-MAYER.COM out of a long time passion for vintage and the desire to pass it on.

ATELIER-MAYER.COM works with a select and growing number of vintage fashion dealers and specialists worldwide for a constantly updated, eclectic mix of rare items to purchase. Browsers are able to source pieces for personal or professional use, which will be promptly delivered in beautiful bespoke and environment-friendly packaging. In addition, browsers have access to a vast encyclopedic volume of information about designers, decades, icons and all relevant fashion exhibitions, specialist sites and published literature, which are linked to aide research and education.

A separate STYLE MINUTE section features often rare interviews with personalities in the fashion industry, such as Loulou de la Falaise, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Bergé, and Christian Dior.

ATELIER-MAYER.COM has teamed up with a growing number of specially selected up-and-coming designers to create unique and exclusive collaborations to translate their vintage knowledge into today's time. ATELIER-MAYER.COM is currently working with ESMOD International School of Design in Paris on a global student competition.

In our world of constant creation, wearing and collecting vintage fashion is re-cycling existing garments and injecting them with new appreciation and life. Saving the planet is an issue close to our heart. ATELIER-MAYER.COM is delighted to help the environment in a green and stylish way. All packaging is specifically designed using bio-degradable and environment friendly textures and we run a carbon-neutral site.

ATELIER-MAYER.COM encourages personality, style and re-invention. A cut, a colour, a shape, a texture, a print – ATELIER-MAYER.COM recognizes tradition and craftsmanship. From well known-designers to rare unknown finds, ATELIER-MAYER.COM works globally with the best resources to surprise, personalise with ultimate style and bespoke service.

ATELIER-MAYER.COM is the future of vintage fashion.

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