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Lightweight, comfortable, slip-resistant, fashionable and functional shoe and at an affordable price to our customers.

All started when three Boulder, Colorado based founders decided to develop and market an innovative type of footwear called Crocs™ Shoes. Originally, Crocs™ Shoes were intended as a boating/outdoor shoe because of its slip-resistant, non-marking sole. By 2003, Crocs™ Footwear had become a bona-fide phenomenon, universally accepted as an all purpose shoe for comfort and fashion.

From 2003-2004 Crocs, Inc. focused on accommodating our remarkable growth while maintaining control. We have expanded our product line, added warehouses and shipping programs for speedy assembly and delivery, hired a senior management team and acquired Foam Creations, Inc.

Today, Crocs™ Shoes are available all over the world and on the internet as we continue to significantly expand all aspects of our business.

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Sportamore - Crocband Clog Kids 179.00 Footway SE - Crocs Crocband Flip, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Flip Flops, Grå, Unisex, 43 287.00 Footway SE - Crocs Classic Graphic Clog K Multi-Color Blue, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppato 287.00 Footway SE - Crocs Cb Fun Lab Graphic Clg K Slate Grey, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppatofflo 287.00 Footway SE - Crocs Classic Chocolate, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppatofflor, Brun, Unisex, 3 387.00 Footway SE - Crocs Classic Tangerine, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppatofflor, Röd, Unisex, 36 387.00 Footway SE - Crocs CrocsFunLab Minions Clog Ocean Ocean, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppatoffl 337.00 Footway SE - Crocs Crocband Kids Cerulean Blue-Volt Green, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppatof 337.00 Footway SE - Crocs Classic Tangerine, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppatofflor, Röd, Unisex, 36 387.00 Footway SE - Crocs Drew Classic Clog Tribal Chevron, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppatofflor,  297.00 Footway SE - Crocs AllCast Rain Boot M Dusty Olive/Dusty Olive, Skor, Kängor & Boots, Höga kä 497.00 Footway SE - Crocs Cleo V Oyster, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Remsandaler, Grå, Brun, Dam, 36 337.00 Footway SE - Crocs Classic Clog Kids Ocean, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppatofflor, Blå, Unis 237.00 Footway SE - Crocs Kids Crocband Surf/Navy, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppatofflor, Turkos, U 337.00 Footway SE - Crocs CC Frozen Lined Clog Berry, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Foppatofflor, Lila,  387.00 Footway SE - Crocs Meleen Twist Sandal Black/Smoke, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, Remsandaler, Gr 337.00 Footway SE - Crocs Sloane Graphic Clog Women Metallic Rose/black, Skor, Sandaler & Tofflor, T 387.00

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