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Ett steg före konkurrenterna vad gäller produktutveckling och sofistikerad teknologi.

Born in 1909 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the founder of the Polaroid Corporation, Dr. Edwin Land, became captivated by light at an early age. A fascination with kaleidoscopes and stereoscopes, combined with his desire to play with and control light, led Edwin Land to invent the world's first synthetic polarizing material for commercial use in 1929. He was endowed with great powers of invention, and had a total of 535 patents credited to his name during his lifetime.

Edwin Land established Polaroid Corporation in 1937, and the first pair of sunglasses went over the counter towards the end of that decade. Demand was high, and production expanded beyond the US borders to Europe and Asia. Polaroid kept up the flow of inventions and developed the first instant camera, which hit the market in 1948. This particular invention is what made the company famous, but other important innovations include the development of instant x-ray film, military devices for night vision and aerial reconnaissance, and a host of other devices. During this productive and innovative period, Polaroid earned a reputation as the invention factory of its time.

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